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Automatic Hydraulic Control valve
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  • Automatic Hydraulic Control valve


    Automatic Hydraulic Control valve
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    Automatic Hydraulic Control valve

    Product Description



    1. Fully bore globe pattern design, lowest head loss when fully open

    2.Keep stable running condition even the flow rate close to zero

    3. High sensitive and strength fabric reinforce diaphragm 1000000 cycles test between fully close to open with working pressure 5 times of working pressure destructive test

    4.Most components are machined by CNC

    5. Fusion bonded epoxy coating process is based on GSK & WIS standard

    6. Different optional materials with WRAS/KTW/NSF/FDA/ACS certification to meet different application.

    7. High standard production test

    Seal test: Low pressure 0.5bar      

    High pressure 1.1 XPN+1bar 

    Shell test: 1.5XPN+1 bar

    8. Data collected automatically 1000 times/sec, display with static or dynamic chart.

    9. Easy installation, operation and free maintenance


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